Orthopedics and Orthodontics for Primary Dentition: Comprehensive Care for the Development of Child Occlusion (English Edition)

It is with great joy and satisfaction that I present to you the second edition of the book Orthopedics and Orthodontics for Primary Dentition - Comprehensive Care for the Development of Child Occlusion. I feel very happy and fulfilled with the huge success and positive repercussion of the first edition, so quickly sold out and still in high demand.

The contents of this book are very up-to-date and very necessary for a comprehensive action to promote children’s oral health. The chapters in this book are incredibly helpful in the clinical practice of the professional focused on monitoring the child’s craniofacial and orofacial growth and development to establish a healthy and balanced occlusion.

Since pregnancy, the function determines the shape, that is, the functions define where the bone and bone anatomy should be shaped. Thus, this topic is well addressed in the first chapter of this second edition.

The prevention of occlusal problems must be part of the practice of the pediatric dentist, in addi- tion to the entire universe in terms of general prac- tice related to the pediatric dentist’s activities. The evaluation of the occlusion and its establishment must be within the scope of a comprehensive and systemic evaluation of growth monitoring since bir- th. In this sense, we also bring in this second edi- tion the evaluation of the skull and the upper third of the face in a new chapter that relates the cranial asymmetries of the face and jaws. Attention during anamnesis for the baby’s extraoral evaluation, where its facial skull evaluation can already bring indica- tions and parameters for the prevention of future malocclusions.

In this second edition we bring some news in terms of the prominence referring to the digital in- direct tracks specially formulated for primary den- tition. When the diagnosis is adequate, the use of digital indirect tracks can be a practical, quick and easy resource for children with complete primary dentition. Digital indirect tracks can help prevent anteroposterior problems.

Another important novelty in this new edition refers to the marketing resources that the pediatric dentist can use within social media. These new re- sources should and can be used to enhance the dis- semination of the work done by health professionals.

I would like to thank everyone who directly or indirectly participated in this arduous but extremely pleasurable work to carry out this book. Knowledge is a continuous construction and the result of several minds and several masters.

May this book contribute to the daily clinical practice of health professionals, especially pediatric dentists focused on establishing a functional occlusion.

Enjoy your reading!

Silvia José Chedid

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